Agent Introduction and Profile Video

Personal Branding is an important part of an Agents overall marketing strategy.  Not only is it important to obtain new listings, but you must also be able to "Sell" your self in order to acquire NEW clients.  View a sample below or Click here to Order your Agent Intro / Profile Video now.

Tour-This is proud to offer a new service designed to "sell" or brand you, the Realtor.    

Sample Agent Introduction & Profile Video

An Agent Intro / Profile Video will: 

  • Define you as the local expert
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Substantiate your commission

How to use an Agent Intro / Profile Video? 

  • Attach the Intro to emails when you reach out to potential clients
  • Include them on your listings, website and social media outlets

Most people choose to work with people they know, like and trust.  An agent on camera goes a long way in establishing that likability and trust way before the potential client actually meets with the agent - And that is a huge amount of value!

Click here  to Order your Agent Intro / Profile Video now.