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Tips for Creating the Perfect Listing

In real estate, as in life, first impressions are everything, and a property listing is typically the first point of contact between a potential buyer and their future home. So much goes into cultivating a listing that highlights the selling point of a property in a way that is meaningful and informative. Our team at Tour This utilizes the most advanced technology in photography and videography to provide an authentic representation of everything your listing has to offer. In addition to stellar photography, which is the primary component of a successful listing, follow these tips to ensure your property sells.

1) Be descriptive- rather than depending on the cliche string of adjectives (beautiful, spacious, luxurious) be creative and informative in your writing. Granite countertops and a Moroccan tile backsplash say much more about a kitchen than “recently renovated.”

2) Be brief- descriptive writing does not have to be wordy, in fact, the great Bard himself taught us “brevity is the soul of wit.” Providing too much information can overwhelm a potential buyer, and pictures are there to convey what words cannot. Keep information limited to key points; think about what the buyer needs to know and what you want them to know in order to schedule a showing.

3) Be accurate- you want your listing to reflect the best aspects of the property, but you also want to be as transparent and honest as possible. Know the rules when it comes to measuring square footage and apply these rules fastidiously. You want to build client relationships based on trust after all, and this trust begins with an accurate listing.

4) Be multimodal- in addition to descriptions and photos, including floor plans and 3D tours provides a more complete picture of your listing, giving potential buyers more to love. Where individual photos may fail to depict the layout of space, these additional visuals aid in giving the viewer a sense of how a property flows from room to room.

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