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Capture Buyers’ Eyes with Aerial Imagery

There are so many reasons to use walk-through and aerial drone photography when trying to sell your home. Video walk-through tours give prospective buyers true and flattering views of your home’s interior. Drones provide gorgeous images and a cost-effective method for capturing unique perspectives of your property. They are superb marketing strategies for countless reasons.

When choosing a company to shoot this all-important footage, go with the best: Tour-This. John DiStefano is Tour-This’ owner and main photographer and videographer who has shot thousands of homes in Monmouth and Ocean counties and beyond. He’s a former Realtor whose focus (and passion) for the past 10 years has been unsurpassed real estate photography. Aerial photography (John is an FAA-licensed drone pilot!) is now the industry standard. John uses only the best shooting and editing equipment, and customer satisfaction is his top priority.

Ninety percent of homebuyers start by searching online; the bird’s-eye photos of a property can make all the difference in their decision. Drone photos can also answer lookers’ questions about the condition of a home’s roof, expansion possibilities, landscaping options and a view of the exact property lines. Drone footage offers the macro views that let buyers confidently make informed decisions.

Drones have the unique ability to capture every angle of any size property, which is a huge benefit to potential buyers. Aerial photos illustrate property size, distance from neighbors, and privacy and safety attributes such as gates, fences and greenery. They can make a big difference in whether a buyer wants to move forward.

Great photos tell a property’s whole story, and drones can tell that story all at once. Grab attention in the real estate market with the transparency and perspective only aerial footage can achieve. Sell your home faster with click-worthy aerial imagery, and showcase your property from beautiful angles that attract premium buyers.

Contact John at 908-468-0102 or today! You can also fill in your information on the “Tell Us” page on this site. Go ahead and schedule a free phone consultation with a Tour-This real estate photography specialist. And follow Tour-This on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest!

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