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Rank Higher On Zillow!

Last week we discussed how important Zillow is in today's buyer's home search. Today we want to discuss how you can leverage this to your competitive advantage. Home inventories are at multi-year lows and the competition for listings is fierce. Now more than ever, sellers need to have the greatest exposure possible. Sellers need buyers to SEE their property. Well, we at Tour-This, know how to get your listing on TOP of the Zillow listing pile!! on to page 1!! Just a few short years ago, we would say a video walk-through tour would get you on page one of, Zillow, and of course Google. While video walk-through tours are arguably the best customer experience, video doesn't rank as top dog any longer on Zillow.

So what's the answer? How do you get your listing on page one of Zillow's property searches? Zillow 3D Home Tours, an easy way to create an immersive virtual tour that differentiates your listing and gives home shoppers the means to safely, efficiently, and accurately evaluate a home. These 3D tours are published to a listing's home details page on Zillow, letting potential buyers and renters walk through the home's layout virtually and giving agents, sellers, and property managers a powerful tool to market their listings online. Zillow 3D Home tours can also be shared to the MLS, social media, email, and text. Zillow 3D Home tours draw attention to your listing via badging, banners and search result placement.

Tour-This is a Zillow Certified Photographer and can produce beautiful compelling 3D tours for a very affordable price. To learn more about Tour-This and how we can help you with Zillow 3D Home Tours, call us at (908) 468-0102 or visit


Why You Need 3D Tours

Zillow is the leader in Real Estate search and should be held with the utmost importance because of this. Zillow sees the most traffic from users who are "shopping around" for properties compared to all other Real Estate listing sites. Not only is it important to utilize their service, but you need to be able to rank high on their searches. 3D Tours have been proven to help listings climb to the top of Zillow searches. Listings with Zillow 3D get twice the number of views than those without them and have received 50% more saves, selling 10% faster on average. The numbers don't lie, 3D Tours are a MUST when it comes to listing your property on Zillow! Check out this Zillow 3D Home presentation to learn more.

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